We support existing local and national IDD organizations that focus on job skills training programs


We fund the creation, testing, and piloting of innovative programs with the potential of becoming sustainable, scalable, and equitable solutions for the IDD community


We invest into other IDD related opportunities via PRIs, MRIs, other innovative and sustainable investment tools

Our History

The IDD Employment Foundation was launched in 2021 as an initiative of the Sapphire Foundation, a Dallas, Texas based family foundation focused on innovation and sustainability in philanthropy.

The first project of the IDD Employment Foundation is the Super Duper Cookie Company (SDCC), providing employment training and opportunities for people of all abilities and interests. Learn about our food truck and retail store, follow, and join forces with Super Duper Cookie Company at

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Join us on the journey to providing meaningful, sustainable employment opportunities for those impacted by intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

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